I just wanted to say thank you.I have a 14 year old Australian shepherd named Bernard. He has been a wonderful pet. I started to notice a stiffness in his hips. About 3 years ago. Going up-and-down the stairs became difficult and he could no longer jump into the back of the Jeep. I started to give him a 1/2 an aspirin and glucosamine that seemed to help him up until a year ago. That’s when I came  to Discovering Joint complete. I stopped the aspirin and glucose mean and started it.i put him on 2 capsulses of the Joint Complete daily. I was amazed Bernard was able to move better and seem to be in less pain this past summer. We took him out camping. He came along with me to pick berries, we encountered a rather large log on our path. I thought for sure I would have to lift him over it period he actually jumped up on the log and down off it.  ! I tell everyone who has a pets and horses about your product.


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